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About Lisa Benitez Kuehl

Chicago-Based Food Stylist

(internationally available)

Lisa Kuehl is a food stylist with an extensive food service background. She enjoys the challenges of the styling business, tackling them with a fresh approach, playful creativity and a positive attitude.

While based in Chicago, Lisa often travels for work to wherever she is needed. She currently spends a lot of time in Miami, where her skills are in high demand.

A passion for cooking grabbed Lisa at an early age. A graduate of the Culinary Hospitality Institute of Chicago, she is familiar with many aspects of the business, having held numerous positions in the food service industry. From front-of-house retail to department buyer, wholesale supplying to intimate production, pastry chef to instructor at the American Culinary Institute; from a small artisanal bakery to large hotel dining, the many hats Lisa has worn make her the consummate professional she is today.

The focused tranquility of pastry making fascinated her, and serving as pastry chef for Spago, Green Dolphin Street and Shaw’s Crab House provided ample experience. Ultimately, Lisa was charmed by food styling. The meticulous technique required is similar to the focused, exacting approach of pastry making. Only now her skills can be applied to any and all dishes. Food styling allows sculpture with the entire contents of a kitchen—not only flour, sugar and eggs. Now arugula, onions, ketchup, goat cheese, cocktail shrimp, bacon, and every other comestible are her raw materials. With the final addition of magical glues, sprays and industry tricks, her artful creations truly sparkle.

Operating in the intensely demanding environment of high-end restaurants has well prepared her for the time constraints and unexpected occurrences that can arise during shooting. She maintains her cool, easily collaborating with photographer, agency and client to produce beautiful objects and get the job done.

Engaged in both print and motion, advertising and editorial, Lisa counts Crate & Barrel, Kohl’s, Subway, Aldi, Quaker, Bon Appetit, Chicago Magazine, and many others among her clients. Her passion is undiminished and she awaits the next challenging opportunity.

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